Martha's Littlest Finger

By the time Sad Dog became her chosen stuffed animalMartha had developed a definite personality. Melinda and I called her “gentle and intense.” 

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The Happiest Day

My happiest day with Martha was the day I took her to Typhoon Lagoon. It almost made up for the day, years later, when she killed herself. 

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Seven Years Later

Seven years ago today, Martha Corey-Ochoa jumped to her death from the fourteenth-story window of her Columbia dorm. In memory of her, and as a way of exorcising her ghost, I have just finished writing a memoir, After Martha

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Patriot of Madness

My daughter, Martha, died of being bipolar, but I do not think of bipolarity as a disease. I think of it as a gift, and I am proud of her for staying true to it to the end.

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The Nobility of Suicide

Though I argued in my last post that a key question to ask a suicidal person is what he or she values more than life, I never thought to ask Martha this. So I do not know for sure what she would have said. But I suspect she might have said nobility.

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See My Post at the Alliance of Hope

The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors is a wonderful website for people like me who have lost someone to suicide.

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Advice to Parents with Mortal Children

Because my daughter, Martha Corey-Ochoa, died of suicide at eighteen, I am obviously the last person in the world to give advice on how to prevent suicide: I tried and I failed.

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Martha's Secret

Many of Martha's friends and teachers knew about her mental illness, but because mental illness still carries a stigma, she had a dilemma when the time came to apply to colleges,

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More about Martha

It's been a week since I announced this site to the world, and already it's had more than 300 visitors. 

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Why I Started This Site

Martha Corey-Ochoa, my only child, died at eighteen, and losing her caused me the greatest grief I have ever known. 

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